Town Houses Prinzenviertel


With particular consideration on preserving the valuable tree population five town houses are planned on one site. It is a modern interpretation of the classic suburban villa without being a pure reproduction of the historic architectural style. The new buildings fit into the existing structure and contribute to the enhancement of the area.

The buildings enclose an attractive and car-free green space that is available for the residents as a community area. The staggered arrangement of the houses is guaranteed by a slight rotation of each storey in the facade. The generous glazings are accentuated by a slight play with one side inclined window reveals and contribute to the individualization of each house.

Place Berlin
Project Construction of 5 Town Houses with 32 apartments, Commercial and Underground-Parking
Client Helma Wohnungsbau GmbH
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 7,027 sqm
Completion 2019
Team Project Manager Tilman Richter-von Senfft