Volkswagen Head Office Building


The aim of the revitalization of the listed Volkswagen head office tower from 1959 was to restore the original structure of the building as much as possible and to bring back the subtle, restrained style of the 50s. The redesigned areas are embedded harmoniously into the overall structure with its timeless, modern language.

The fire protection of the building has been enhanced, the concrete skeleton structure rehabilitated and the interiors have been upgraded to the requirements of modern office workplaces. On ground floor a new 2-storey showroom has been implemented as a venue for events and presentations.

The two new entrances with generously cantilevering roofs add a very accentuated eyecatcher to the existing building. The timeless design and the filigree and elegant appearance of these roofs respects the existent design language of the head office tower and discreetly complements the building complex.

Place Wolfsburg
Project Revitalization of the listed corporate headquarters
Client Volkswagen AG
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 28,300 sqm
Completion 2016
Team Project Manager Thomas Birk