The Admiralspalast, in the city centre of Berlin, is the first large concert and entertainment building financed with private funds. A vibrant magnet in the “golden twenties” and derelict over decades, it is now one of the most frequented cultural locations. The concept was to create a multifunctional use with a large concert hall with 2.000 seats, a theatre as well as a large dance club, wellness areas and the noble Grand Café at ground floor.

The design philosophy is simple and respects the listed existing building stock: it preserves where it has great quality, it takes out what is superfluous and it adds whatever is necessary. A great new sculptural staircase links all levels together and allows the visitors to experience the building with its various functions. After a classic concert, people can meet in the bar and go to the club later. Or start with a breakfast in the Café, go to wellness temple and meet in the Jazz Club - just as they like.

After its reopening in August 2006 the new Admiralspalast is once again one of the favourite meeting places in Berlin, attracting more and more visitors every day.

Place Berlin
Project Alteration and refurbishment of the Admiralspalast Theatre
Client Admiralspalast GmbH & Co. KG
Design Gewers Kühn und Kühn
Size 11,000 sqm
Completion 2007
Award Mention BDA-Preis Berlin 2009
Team Project Manager Georg Gewers