Aerospace Technology Centre


The "Centre for Aviation and Space Technology" in Wildau was designed as one single aerodynamic body. Located near Schönefeld Airport, Berlin, the building contains technology of the highest standard.

It is here that Rolls Royce develops and tests their aircraft engines in high-tech test stands simulating all possible flight and height conditions. In addition, students of Wildau Technical College may also gain practical experience here.

All appliances and its various complex installations are concentrated under a silver streamline aluminium shell. Thanks to inserted glass structures guiding the light deep into the office levels, the building is far from being a hermetic monolith, but rather represents a lively focus of movement and communication. Unexploited industrial land has thus successfully been revitalised and has gained unique visible prominence by three mighty turbine hall exhaust towers at the back of the building.

Place Wildau
Project International Centre for Aviation and Space Technology
Client Regionale Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Dahme Spreewald mbH
Design Gewers Kühn und Kühn
Size 8,200 sqm
Completion 2004
Award Brandenburgischer Architekturpreis 2007