Andel’s Convention Centre (ACC)


The building "Alter Schlachthof" has an excellent location along the Landsberger Allee and allows for an ideal extension for the adjacent hotel andel’s Berlin. The infrastructure is excellent and a large number of nearby leisure facilities enrich the attraction of the location. The listed historic buildings which are part of the scheme should be integrated and create a public space. The program is divided in 3-4 construction sections. The main halls of the former slaughter house will be refurbished. A large piazza acts as a forum for the surrounding buildings and creates a public space.

It is therefore the heart of the development and joints all parts of the different construction phases together.
A bridge that crosses over the S-Bahn track will link the hotel “andel’s” with the new development.
As an urban accentuation, a conference hall will be an additional attraction for the local area and the hotel itself.

Place Berlin
Project Conference centre Client: UBX, Vienna
Client UBX, Vienna
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 52,400 sqm
Competition 1. Prize international Competition 2011