Architecture Exibition at Aedes-Forum


The internationally renowned Architecture Forum Aedes in Berlin has already implemented more than 350 exhibitions. They approached Gewers Pudewill as an interesting young office to show their work in an exhibition. To draw a first interim report after 5 years has been a great opportunity and has been consistently implemented in the White Cube of Aedes.

The main projects and design attitudes are presented on the walls in full-height photographes – you will enter the world of Gewers Pudewill. The center of the room is free of models and exhibits. It is occupied by three open rings which are intertwined and form a floating design and playful seating element. In the center of it screens are moving alternately upwards on which projects, videos and employee are shown.
The fifth anniversary was the occasion for Gewers Pudewill to do a resume and to present the work done so far in one exhibition at the Architecture Forum Aedes.

The projects will be presented through photographs on the wall and in a central lounge on monitors with video and film sequences. Visitors are encouraged to explore the exhibition, to sit down and explore the projects of Gewers Pudewill. Either by the distance effect of the photographs on the walls or by the moving sequences on the monitors

The reduced geometry of the exhibition is highlighted by the white color. It should give the projects its space and underline the philosophy of Gewers Pudewill atmospherically.

Place Berlin
Project Establishment of an exhibition space and design of an architecture exhibition
Design Gewers Pudewill
Completion 2013