Café at Admiralspalast


The tradition of the „Grand Café“, as it developed in Europe’s capitals in the late 19th century is to be revived in. A historical Grand Café on two floors used to be situated at the site so that the current Grand Café refers to a traditional background while being contemporary in furnishing and atmosphere. The new design expresses itself in a strictly modernist language using the vocabulary of high quality materials that have always been idiomatic of the building.

Thus dark precious timber and natural stone are used as well as coloured glass and bronze. Without being purist or reductionist the formal language is of our time, using ornaments that will completely cover the room, i.e. ceiling, walls and floor will show variations of the same ornament. This "Single-Surface Idea" is combined with a mobile landscape of seating areas made up of 6 to 8 tables for four persons each that can be flexibly rearranged according to time of day and occasion.

Place Berlin
Project Arranging of a Café at Admiralspalast
Client GastArt GmbH
Design Gewers Kühn und Kühn
Size 500 sqm
Completion 2007