Cedar Hills

Beirut (Libanon)

Starting point for the architectural ideas and investigations was the transformation of an existing theme park into a first class residential quarter. First step was creating a flexible and relevant new master plan to locate first class housing while using as much of the existing structures as even possible in an effective way.

The new master plan is extendable and dividable in two steps and lots and shows high potential for this beautiful location. There are different types of housing and density for different clients and users. Modern design and characteristic style will give a profiled image to the whole quarter. Curved shapes and dynamic forms combined with splendid materials will give the timeless architecture its own atmosphere. Almost all of the existing roads and streets remain for the new access and street system that follows the main idea of a beautiful grown Cedar twig. It also gives the name for the new quarter: "Cedar Hills"

Place Beirut (Libanon)
Project Restructuring of an existing leisure park into a luxury residential quarter
Client Khalaf Ahmed Al Habtoor, Dubai
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 108,000 sqm