Clinton Event Center


The Company Clinton is one of the most important fashion companies in Germany. This includes the known fashion brands Camp David, Soccx and Chelsea.

One reason for the new construction of the European headquarter for development, administration and logistics is to strengthen the awareness and identity locally. An event center has been designed with a special shape and facade. It shows a high affinity for the subject of fashion, design and textile. The shape of the building is an ellipse rotated against each other in each layer. A textile facade is stretched over the resulting sculptural form which gives the building its unique shape. In the area of the balconies, terraces and windows bands the textile skin is interrupted by the flow of forces following "stress cracks" and provides uninterrupted views and insights.

The building is nestled in a scenic amphitheater that offers the possibilities of open air events such as Concerts and fashion shows. The areas inside of the building are used as multifunctional office, exhibition and conference space.

Place Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten
Project Development of an Event Center for a fashion company
Client Clinton GroƟhandels GmbH
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 5,200 sqm