Erich Nelhans Street, Berlin


In the development area "Alter Schlachthof" in Prenzlauer Berg at the Erich-Nehlhans-Straße at the first construction phase three houses is developed; in its urban location 56 high-quality apartments are realized. In the second construction phase the same buildings are built right next to it.

The spacious loft apartments in the penthouse level of all three houses have additional terraces on the roof with panoramic views over the rooftops of Berlin.

The three buildings vary in the facade design to allow a stronger identification of the inhabitants with the building. The two outer houses have classical brick facades, one house is held in light gray and the other in a sand-colored warm beige.

Between these two buildings a geometric exceptional building with a horizontally folded front facade will be formed. The interaction on each storey of the back and forth jumping balconies gives a very dynamic effect of the façade, which offers different perspectives and insights from any point during passing by.

The rotated orientation of the flat balustrade take over the rhythm of the folding of the balconies, it accentuate the dynamics. It creates an alternation between unity and transparency depending on the viewing angle.

In further phases the entire surrounding area is to be built with a mix of residential and commercial. A park-like green area will be formed in the inner area of ​​the property.

Place Berlin
Project New Residential Buildings of 3 houses
Client cds und Wulff Wohnbau Projekt Thaerstraße GmbH
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 7,600 sqm (1st phase of construction)
Completion 1st phase of construction: 2018, Start 2nd phase of construction: 2017