Headquarters of the Mercedes-Benz German Sales Organization


As an urban design feature and as the first new development after the Mercedes-Benz Arena in the O2 City, this high-rise building with thirteen floors will have a signal effect. It´s main side faces south to the river Spree. The building is also orientated to the city-centre in the west. Three spacious courtyards and two attractive rooftop terraces with landscaping invite the users to enjoy the visual connections to the Spree.

An exciting texture of glass surfaces featuring the elegant, dark-mounted facade, which will implemented on a high-rise glass double facade. The horizontal offsets of the folded double-layer-facade form an interesting rhythm that reflects the light varied depending on the position and the building does appear varying and alive.

In contrast to the elegant and timeless external appearance of the building the interior architecture is arranged with light and warm materials. This approach offers a friendly and amiable atmosphere for approximately 1200 employees of Mercedes-Benz. A stunning two-storey showroom, a spacious staff restaurant, a public bar and restaurant, a gym in the 13th floor and a conference area complete the offer of use.

Place Berlin
Project Office Complex
Client CA Immo Deutschland GmbH
User Mercedes-Benz Vertrieb Deutschland
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 33,200 sqm
Completion 2013
Award Winner Iconic Awards 2014, Special Mention German Design Award 2016
Team Project Manager Jan Parth