Herholz Booth BAU Munich


The topic of "Entrance and Exit" is in each building a central design and functional task. The task for the exhibition booth of Herholz AG was to show the complexity and demand to the corresponding products.

The booth presents itself valuable and transparent. With the high quality coated slat it discusses the issue of permeability and delimitation - exactly the topics of every door.

Two zones characterize the room design: The rear zone with few rooms is meant to be the solid "back" with a depth of about 4 m. The front area is open and free for communication, catering/bar and presentation. The catering area with seating and high tables is centrally located. Right and left of it are presenting areas that are clearly visible from both main visitor views.

Place Munich
Project Development of a Fair Booth
Client Herholz AG
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 370 sqm
Completion 2009
Team Project Manager Jan Parth