On the Schlossplatz-area in Berlin-Mitte an information centre for the building site of Humboldt-Forum was planned.

The temporary pavilion called ‚Humboldt-Sphere‘ is supposed to embody the idea of non-European collection as well as provide a foretaste of further presentations. The exhibition is situated on the outer circuit as well as within the spherical

interior where objects can be placed or media may be projected. The room itself is a sphere, geometrically as well as metaphorically. It symbolises order and complexity of the information society whose most important foundations were laid by von Humboldt.

Place Berlin
Project Construction of a temporary pavilion as information centre for the reconstruction of Berlin Palace
Client Federal Land of Berlin
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 3,100 sqm
Competition 2. Prize 2009
Team Project Manager Nina Hattingh