Indoor swimming pool, Brauhausberg


The brief of the competition was to design a sport- and leisure indoor pool focused on the urban layout.
Therefore the design adapts the hillside landscape as the main scheme for this important location in Potsdam.
Five long halls of different width and sizes are sliding into each other.

The fa├žade is made of bright yellow-grey brick work with random openings, which echoes the scheme of the landscape design. An aerated hillside building ensemble is design to take a low-key appearance to remain the focus on the natural hillside landscape. The lower part of the Brauhaus-mountain is stepped down following historical examples with planted retaining walls. The building element of the swimming pool itself is staggered up the hill and defines by its width the new green terraces.

Place Potsdam
Project New construction of a water park
Client City of Potsdam
Design Gewers Pudewill
Competition 2. Prize 2013