Laboratory- and Office Building Johann-Heinrich-von Th√ľnen Institute


As a prelude to a new urban development the draft sets a clear and resting body on a heterogeneous urban location. The facade of the building appears to the outside as a solid and monolithic structure with a flat Nordic brick facade. This is understood as a "protective" shell and has their well-arranged windows in a clear rhythm.  

The three cuttings organize the structural body and opens the inside to the outside. A central atrium is designed as a nodal point. The convex interior guides the eye to the large areas of glazing and that directs the sight to the exterior. The location of the building is omnipresent. The atrium widens upwards thus ensuring plenty of light and a more open sense of space. The roof construction is planned as an air cushion roof to minimize heat gains and costs. The lightweight construction supported by the high potential spans and the large format arrangement to the open and upward expanding character of the atrium.

Place Bremerhaven
Project Construction of an Office and Laboratory Building
Client Freie Hansestadt Bremen
Design Gewers Pudewill
Competition Mention 2012
Team Project Manager Marcel Heyn