office and commercial building at Neumarkt Osnabrueck


As a central element of the emerging Neumarkt Square the future office and commercial building plays a key role: for the urban space the building brings the Große Straße to a conclusion. For the road space next to the bus station it acts as space frame and finally it forms a very attractive new place edge towards the Neumarkt.

The draft stipulates a building that acts as a clear structure and the outlines radiates peace and timelessness.

The entire house is designed for flexibility and can serve at any use on the upper floors except of the shopping areas on the ground floor and the basement.

The facades will receive loosely distributed window openings, they are covered with a light brick and takes on the issue of already existing light stone facades, such as the courthouse diagonally opposite. The material is to change in its color and be placed in a successively opening regular pattern at the large, offset window elements.

The embrasures are partly broken through and orienting towards the windows, that produces a fine play with the exterior and interior lighting at dusk and darkness.

Place Osnabrueck
Project Construction of an office and commercial building
Client T.E.B. Siebte Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 5,800 sqm
Competition 1st Place, 2015
Team Project Manager Alexander Mendelsohn