The design radiates calmness and elegance. With the element of the band facades, fine laminations are formed that rhythmize and describe the building and binds its construction phases together.

The glass bands are almost conclusive with the grayish-yellow clinkers which are emphasized in the height at the corners of the building. Finally two building elements will be seen spitted by a slight gap, the tower and the 5-storey flatter part in which the special functions such as Conference rooms and communication areas are located.

The courtyard will be set in height that will flush with the environment, with a specific passage starting from the southern central with a direct view to the harbor. It will get benches and will be planted discreetly.

Place Mainz
Project Construction of an Office Building
Client CA Immo Deutschland GmbH
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 12,000 sqm
Competition 3. Prize 2014