Planet m, Bertelsmann EXPO 2000 Hannover


With this temporary pavilion called “Planet m” the Bertelsmann Media Group presented itself to the world at the “EXPO 2000” in Hannover. “m” stood for “media for the people” as the motto for a completely new concept of architecture in the era of the digital media – highly flexible in itself and at the same time posing a challenge to our perception. The Bertelsmann Pavilion consists of two independent parts, the first one is a futuristic sculptural oval shape of the ‘planet’ wrapped in shiny stainless steel mesh, resting on 9 meters high steel supports. Next to it, a more traditional three-storey media exhibition building clad in wooden slats.

Lighting concept: James Turrell

Place Hannover
Project Temporary Pavilion
Client Bertelsmann AG
Design Triad Projektgesellschaft with Axel Büther and Becker Gewers Kühn und Kühn, Project Architects Eike Becker and Georg Gewers
Completion 2000