Reconstruction of praxis work areas and Installation of an E-Examination-Center at the institute of organic and inorganic chemistry, Freie Universität Berlin


The practical experience of experiments is a fundamental part of the education of students that cannot be simulated. The trainees require therefore professional lab workspaces for their experiments. The capacity is based on 80 simultaneous training sessions. The refurbishment of the training hall includes the adjacent labs, workspaces, office area and habitable rooms.

The centre for digital systems (CeDiS) of the Freie Universität Berlin is the core platform of computer based exams. CeDiS supports the university’s tutors in preparation, execution and evaluation of computer based exams. The aim is to achieve timesaving simplification and technical methods in quality control in auditing. Currently the most common computer based exams are classification tests and annual examinations. The E-examination centre will be developed as the main examination centre to execute frequent E-examinations. Up to 160 students will have their exams simultaneously on desktop workspaces.

Place Berlin
Project Reconstruction of praxis work areas and Installation of a central area for E-Examinations
Client Freie Universität Berlin
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 2,400 sqm
Completion 2015
Team Project Manager Ulf Griesel