Residential complex Joachimstraße / Lindenstraße


As an extension to the residential complex at Joachimstraße 8 seven residential buildings with 134 apartments incl. day-care center and business were built between Joachimstraße and Lindenstraße.

The town-planning figure occupies the two road systems bordering the property, so that a connected settlement emerges. The residential buildings surround the green inner courtyards, creating a high quality of living.

At the building corner of the L-shaped building, business will be arranged over 4 floors. On the ground floor and on the 1st floor, a day-care center for 70 children in five groups is built with a garden terrace and a spacious outdoor playground towards the garden.

For example 12 apartments will be developed for the German Multiple Sclerosis Society which are wheelchair accessible.

Place Berlin
Project New construction of 7 residential buildings with 134 apartments including underground garage, commercial and children's day-care center
Client degewo AG
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 18,000 sqm
Completion 2018
Team Project Manager Thomas Birk