Revitalization Patzenhofer Brauerei


In the coming years the traditional Patzenhofer brewery at the Landsberger Allee is rebuilt to come to a place with attractive apartments and arts and cultural offerings.

The utilization concept for the historic brick building envisages largely apartments and lofts that are distributed proportionally among the existing buildings and the new buildings. There are different sizes and spacial concepts provided as maisonette, lofts and classic apartments.

Artists' studios are located in the former "drinking hall". The single-storey building offers space and working areas for artists who are established in the district of Friedrichshain.
This attractive building on the corner of Landsberger Allee is to be transferred to medical uses with different doctor’s offices and therapy rooms.

Place Berlin
Project Revitalization of the traditional brewery
Client PABR Verwaltung GmbH
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 20,700 sqm
Team Project Manager Tilman Richter-von Senfft