This is a typical seven story high in-fill development. The existing old building is extended by a new u-shaped building.

The front façade of the new building has single fan-out surfaces between the 1st and 5th Floor level which twist towards Richard-Sorge-Street. These surfaces are framed by the straight and calm façades of the Ground Floor and 6th Floor level and the connection to the existing building. Based on one central pivot point of the fan-out elements the façade shifts in an equal relationship between public space and the plot of land. The staggered relations between the single floors are creating bays and balconies which give the façade a smooth depth effect and dynamic.

Place Berlin
Project new built apartment building & refurbishment
Client Auerstraße 47 GmbH
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 8,300 sqm
Completion 2015
Team Project Manager Alexander Mendelsohn