Senior citizen centre “Regine Hildebrandt”

Bernau bei Berlin

The GGAB plans to build a new lifetime home complex as an extension for the senior citizen centre “Regine Hildebrandt”. Imbedded within a greenbelt, the western garden with its versatile tree population and small pond in the South provides ideal conditions for this intention. The new extension connects on a central position of the existing building and continuous the access routes. The building adapts to the existing structure of the garden to create ideal living conditions for the user on one hand and optimizes the use of day light on the other. The unusual shape of the building is a result of the potential of the site and ideal orientation to the cardinal direction. At the same time the continuous garden landscape on the South-West side is maximized.

Place Bernau bei Berlin
Project Extension & refurbishement of a nursing home
Client GGAB Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für Alten- und Behindertenpflege mbH Bernau
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 7,300 sqm
Completion 2015
Team Project Manager Thomas Birk