Transforming a former factory site into a building constituent in the city was the design brief for the Sophie-Gips-Höfe in Berlin. Following an innovative concept of use a new public space has been created in the very heart of the new city district of Berlin-Mitte, which closely links the old with the new and, particularly, urban professional life with private life.

Here, a 2.500 square metre large penthouse gallery hosting the important collection of modern art owned by the collectors couple Erika and Rolf Hoffmann has been created as well as a new passage running through the entire block accommodating galleries, restaurants, loft apartments, media offices and a radio station.

Place Berlin
Project Conversion of a former factory building
Client Erika und Rolf Hoffmann
Design Becker Gewers Kühn und Kühn, Projektleitung Oliver Kühn und Swantje Kühn
Size 10,000 sqm
Completion 1997