At this highly attractive location on the Mediaspree next to the Mercedes-Benz Arena, the design envisages a sophisticated architectural solution and an urban development highlight: An emerging office tower that is to reach a height of approx. 90m, encompassing a gross floor area of 42,000 sqm.

The design elaborates on the theme of vertical folding, expressed throughout its 24 stories by means of the slabs and facades, thus generating an interesting urban sculpture that treats both the plinth and tower floors equally in terms of design, with the sides of the tower oriented to the edges of the surrounding buildings to better arrange itself into the urban fabric.

Starting with the ground floor, the floors fold themselves upward, articulating the slabs and exterior walls without breaks or jumps and introducing this play with the respective elements while utilizing only two alternating floor plan solutions. An attractive, yet clear and comprehensible tower edifice emerges, appearing both manifold and varied without being restless. The folds alternate from west to east, with the facades to the south and north being predominantly glazed, offering spectacular and very generous views over Berlin—especially from the 7th floor onward, it being the first tower floor to rise above the neighboring buildings.

On each level of the building arise two terraces that can be well utilized - one to the southeast and one to the west—as well as the addition of various lounges and meeting rooms throughout, all of which allow for a modern office structure.

Place Berlin
Project New Office Building
Client SIGNA / Berlin, FH 91 Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 57,000 sqm
Competition 1. Prize 2017