Submarine Hotel

Hainan (China)

‘Hydropolis’ embraces the concept of submarine luxury hotels situated offshore near exclusive coastal metropolises. The first such project will be realized in Chine. With its tropical climate, lush vegetation and rapidly developing tourist infrastructure, the island of Hainan is an ideal project site. The mainland section housing reception, lounge and technical infrastructure will be built during the first construction stage. From there, a boat shuttle will take guests to their destination, the submarine hotel. The hotel will be built in a dockyard and then be grounded and then be grounded on site. Hotel suits, situated both above and below the waterline, offer a spectacular view on the surrounding coral reef through their glass fronts

Place Hainan (China)
Project Hydropolis-Submarine Hotel
Client Hydro Vision GmbH Schweiz
Design Gewers Pudewill
Size 41,000 sqm