Villa Munich


In a greened Park area this private villa was built near the water in Munich. The building marks a street corner and exudes calm and clarity. The building is graded highly elegant with terraces and recesses to the penthouse level. The building has a complete basement.

The facade is decorated in warm tones and offers valuable materials, such as Bronze ceiling-high windows, flush mount wood shutters from oak and frameless glass balustrades. The building conveys a south-Mediterranean appearance.

Inside a flowing and light-flooded room structure has been designed over three floors. That provokes interesting views with large floor to ceiling glass panels. Privacy and optionally also openness are ensured by the wood shutters. A large 2-storey central hall with cantilevered staircase is the opening of the house which is equipped with noble materials.

Place Munich
Project Building of a family house
Client privat
Design Gewers Pudewill
Completion 2012
Team Project Manager Alexander Mendelsohn